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7:32 p.m. - 2010-12-20
Rocket Car

The Last Ride

He was not surprised to see his life flashing before his eyes. It was common when one can see the end of the tunnel in front of them. What he could not believe was the speed.

His brain knew time was short as speed is an ethereal emotion. Rapidly, he saw his youth as a shimmering montage of long days in the summer and care free choices without relevance. As fast as the trees on the side of the road appeared then vanished, his life jumped to the teen years. He visited his burgeoning love for cars. His father taking him to the track to watch a race. The cars went so fast that it was intoxicating without the aide of a single drink (it was all of the fumes that made him light headed but there simply was not enough time to recall that ever so minute fact). His first car, a junker never able to go fast enough, scurried through his mind next.

His life, moving as fast as the tires on the car now spun, raced through college and the Air Force. He dwelled for a moment on the heartbreak he endured by a woman that loved speed as much as he did. She chose the life of a pilot and with sad eyes said that she could not love both the sky and him. Then the cars started to race through his mind.

Finally, he came to the one he was in now. Alone for so many days and nights working on it in order to make it faster. It was a 1993 Ford Mustang with over two hundred horse power and could go up to one hundred and fifty miles per hour.

But that was not fast enough.

He was able to get his hands on a jet engine and the only thought on his mind was to put it in the car. He did not think he could reach what his mind would see as too fast while upon the land, even with a jet engine pushing his Ford Mustang to over three hundred miles an hour.

It was probably over four by now, his speedometer had long cracked from the rapid rise of the needle. His mind comprehended too fast when he heard the brake drums buckle and his eyes were able to see too fast when they saw the sparks flying from both fenders.

By the time he felt fear, the rocket car had impaled him and itself into the side of a mountain. The mountain was fifteen miles from the point in which he had punched the gas on the jet engine driven Mustang.

He made it there in two minutes.


Ladies, please, if you know a man that has been single for a long time (years), ask him occasionally what he is up to, if only in passing. Single men NEED someone pretty to hold their crack-pot ideas accountable because the above story is based on a true one.

I heard it from some guy, somewhere, at sometime. He told me something else...

‘There’s only so much jerking off a long time bachelor can do.’


1:44 a.m. - 2009-06-23
2109: Dizzel Returns
Dizzel saw right away that Mideona had been through something.

Cherry sat morose in the driver seat was one clue. The easier path was to open the driver's door and talk through the body of Cherry to Mideona. He anticipated that Mideona would want to be hugged though so he walked around the car to open her door.

She fell intohis arms blubbering about the security system and how heavy Cherry was. Dizzel held his woman and for that moment it felt as if everything would be okay.

"It's going to be okay, Mideona."

She let out a final sob. Dizzel was starting to put their next course of action together in is mind.

They could leave Cherry right here. There will be an extensive search in the surrounding area for clues to where Dizzel went and in their search for clues, they would stumble upon Cherry.

Even if no one came looking for Dizzel, Cherry would wake up and see the plant in the distance and be able to make it there with ease.

"Do you have the key for the recharge interlock."

Mideona nodded and reached under her for the keys she placed on the seat before her ordeal witht he security system of the car.

"I found these two keys."

"See if they open the interlock, I'm gonna get Cherry out of the car."

Mideona tried the key in her left hand and the interlock opened with ease. She closed it and tried the key in her right hand and it did not open the interlock to the recharge compartmant.

She wondered what the key in her right hand opened.

"Do those keys work?"

Mideona held up her left hand.

"This one does."

"Let's go."

Dizzel stepped into the hover car. Mideona went tot he open door of the passenger side and peered in. She was about to ask if she could look for another interlock ont he outside of the car but decided to just sit down inthe car.

She could look for other interlocks when they went tot he recharge station.

Dizzel turned the hover car on and was about to take them away when he thought of Cherry for the last time.

"I need ot find Cherry's smart blanket. Let's see if there is another interlock on the car."

Every hover car had an exterior first aid kit complete with smart blanket. You placed a smart blanket over you if your hover car broke down in some desolate place. The smart blanket was the greatest sun block ever conceived by man. It needed to be with the sun's rays causing such destruction to human skin with any type of prolonged exposure outside.

Mideona found the interlock, used the other key to open it and Dizzel grabbed the smart blanket out of the compartment.

"There's two in there so we will still have one."

"But there's two of us Dizzel."

There is plenty of sunblock lotion."

Dizzel felt the sun heating his skin att hat moment. The side of Cherry's face that was exposed already had a pink hue. Only Cherry's face and neck were exposed, the rest was under clothing. Dizzel grabbed the first aid kit's knife.

Put some sunblock onto her face and neck."

Mideona spread the sunblock onto CHerry. Dizzel dragged her to the shade of a tre and placed the smart blanket fragment over her head and neck.

The smart blanket would allow her to breathe normally. Carbon dioxide is pushed out of the smart blanket and oxygen is pulled into it. It is in case you have to breathe from under it while waiting for rescue.

With Cherry secure and safe from the sun, Dizzel and Mideona flew away in her hover car.


9:58 a.m. - 2009-04-14
2109: In the Hover Car
"Okay, this is a work in progress. I want to grab a cachet of food pills at the plant then quit. We can avoid the employment patrol chasing us that way."

"What about Cherry?"

I figure we can leave her at a piblic place so she gets found or when she wakes up she will be able to get herself to a safe place."

"Then what are we going to do?"

Dizzel thought about his dream of the beach. He also realized that they had a few big steps to accomplish before they were free to escape.

"Let's get the first things done. Once we have what we need and get rid of what we don't-"

Mideona looked back at the still unconscious Cherry.

"-then we can get out of here."

Mideona was about to ask where but kept quiet. They were approaching the food plant so Dizzel had to take care of that first. Dizzel looked at the power meter on the car. It was three quarters charged but he realized that he had never charged a hover battery before.

I'm going to park a few meters away, I need you to go over Cherry. We will need to recharge the car and I hope she has the key for the interlocking gauge."

Dizzel landed the hover car and they both looked at each other. Dizzel knew what Mideona was thinking. As scared as he was at the moment, it felt nice to be on the same page with another human being like that.

"I've never recharged a car either, look in the compartments to see if there is a manual."

Dizzel was still forming his quitting speech to his boss as he pushed the door open.

"It's going to be okay, Mideona, we've made it this far."


12:25 p.m. - 2009-03-12
2109: Dizzel and Mideona
Dizzel arrived to the conapt much later than usual. He was surprised to see Mideona waiting for him in hall.

"I walked home from the plant."

Mideona's face lit in a smile. It made Dizzel happy to see her in such a state. She fulfilled her fantasy and they made love in the hall. They moved to the bedroom and did it again. she felt cleansed as his semen shot into her over and over again. Due to the depravity of the age, they had the energy to do it again and again that night.

The conapt went from lit by the sun to dark as their passion for one another finally left them exhausted. They basked in their moment of lust and seclusion but knew they would have to go out into the world once again. They would have to copulate to get their errands done, to go to their jobs, to live in the world of the twenty-second century.

"There has to be something we can do."

Mideona's voice was defeated for she felt even lonlier knowing of the next day and its routine.

"There has to be, Mideona."

They made love again, fighting the future and their own exhaustion.

"I had a dream that we were on a beach. We had nowhere to go and nothing to do and we were happy."

"Can we walk there?"

"What is the point, we will have needs at some point."

ti would take all of their efforts to make this new vision they shared to come true. They would need a large supply of food pills for survival. They would need a way to find a safe place where they could remain. They would need to have maturity to raise a family. Dizzel could steal from the food plant. Mideona could steal transport from a mercernary. They could leave and never come back but would they ever be safe?

"If only we could get into the schoo grounds."

How could they when they were filled with the taint of the world? The schoolgrounds existed as a safe haven from the depravity outside of their walls.

"We have to find a way. I can no longer live as we did."

"I want to live like we are right now."

Together they laid awake thinking about what they could do, how they could do it and who they could manipulate to make their new dreams come true.

It would have to start the next morning when Cherry came to take Dizzel to his job. He denied her ride home on this day, would she deny him tomorrow and not even show up.

Dizzel and Mideona stared out of the window at the stars so far away from them.


10:17 a.m. - 2009-01-11
2108: Dizzel's Dream
Dreams never begin as they become the mind's reality. The mind knows the history of its own dream, therefore, all dreams begin in the middle. So when Dizzel walked along the beach with sorrow in his heart, he already knew why. He already knew that this vacation was not the fun trip he had promised his family.

He knew what a family was in this dream. It was a unit of people, both old and young, that were together each and everyday. The sorrow inhis heart was also from wanting to reunite with Mideona and the kids. He knew what the kids looked like, he knew when they were born and he even knew their favorite colors. He did not know their names however. It felt strange to not know their names just as the sand on the bottom of his feet felt strange.

He knew the noise he heard were sharks coming onto the beach. He knew that the sharks were able to beach themselves then slide back into the ocean so he knew the screams he heard were from those taken off of the beach by the sharks.

As the past of his dream fueled the present, Dizzel ran toward the other people on the beach. He screamed that the sharks were coming, that the sharks were attacking.

He saw Mideona with the kids and he suddenly knew each child's name. They became real to him at that moment. By knowing their names, their existence had become complete. The sounds of terror vanished as he looked at Mideona and his two children. He felt joy simply from being with the ones he loved.

He discovered that he knew what love was.

He heard a shark land on the beach behind him. There were so many sharks out there, waiting to land on the beach and take the people back to the ocean with them. He took his children by their small hands and led them to higher ground. Mideona was going to come with them but she had to wait. Dizzel searched his soul and did not know what she was waiting for. He smiled at her through his confusion and she smiled back at him.

He told her to come to higher ground with them. He felt so close to her that the distance between them did not matter. To feel so close to someone else was the greatest feeling he had ever known. To gaze upon her and feel his children's hands was like nothing he had ever dreamt before.

He was abvout to ask her to come to higher ground again when the children started screaming. The shark leapt out of the shallow waters anmd slid up the beach toward Mideona. She never stopped smiling, she never turned and she never screamed when the shark grabbed her in its mouth full of razor sharp teeth.

Dizzel and his children screamed as the shark took Mideona back into the ocean. He felt his children vanish and screamed alone on the desolate beach.

He knew his whole world had been taken from him.

He awoke with tears upon his cheek. He looked over at Mideona, sleeping next to him, and wondered how to love her in reality as he had in the dream.


7:45 a.m. - 2008-11-15
2108: What Was Lost
So much was lost that it was an amazing tale of sadness. America supported five major sport leagues, a movie industry, a television industry and a music industry. The support lasted over a century in some cases and nearly a century in the others.

The demise was slow for some and rapid for others. Nascar was blinked out of existence when the electric cars just could not travel fast enough. The wrecks were far too tame for a country thirsty for the ultimate in every phase of their sport.

Baseball succumbed to its own greed as a generation was neglected due to late night starts for their showcase event, it was called the World Series. Baseball became a niche sport where only the truest fans went to the games.

Those niche fans used to go to hockey games. There was no longer enough disposable income for fans to attend both. Hockey started contracting teams first and when all of their teams were gone, baseball saw the last of their fans also stop coming to the games. Contraction began in baseball to save their league and soon they saw there was no saving it.

The physicality of football and basketball was their doom. The athletes became bigger and stronger and faster every season. The injuries became more and more debilitating. Players in the National Football League began to die on the field. The long limbed basketball players of the NBA started to lose legs to crippling knee injuries and arms to obliterated shoulder sockets.

The popularity of basketball and football did not die as the leagues folded. They combined their least stenuous parts and became the game. The free throw from basketball, where one player shot the ball toward the hoop in order to score a point survived. The field goal kick, where a player used his foot to boot the ball through a goal post survived and those two elements combined to become the game.

It is a twenty-four hour event on the last television station in existence. Every ten minutes the next player goes to the free kick line and tries to boot the ball into the enormous hoop. The line is now set at twenty-five yards and every man and woman is going to kick the ball. Those who make their kick get to kick again, someday, when all have kicked and the line can again be moved back five yards so those who have made their first two kicks will be able to kick again.

The stands are full of reporters, who post their thoughts on the makers and missers onto the web. It is the only thing to watch that is new. Those who do not want to watch the game have a myriad of old shows to cull through in order to find entertainment.

There is also a plethora of old music that can provide entertainment to the ears of anyone who wants to listen. Some try to make new music but there simply is no venues for their music to find an audience. Niche fans will listen to new music, and some popular bands have even emerged. They are true artists, making music simply to be heard.

The same can be said for movies. Their are so many to choose from the library of the rich past that the few who try production now are seen as artists from a time long ago.

It was once a society fueled by greed, sex and violence. It is now a society at the beginning of a new phase of reality.


11:21 a.m. - 2008-11-13
Things I Find Blinverted
And by Blinverted I mean odd.

Let me start with sports:

The Cleveland Browns have an orange helmet.

The New York City area has eight major sports teams: the Yankees and Mets in baseball, the Giants and Jets in football, The Knicks and Nets in basketball and the Rangers and Islanders in hockey. The Yankees, Giants, Knicks and Rangers are thought of as the higher end of those teams. This is where it gets Blinverted: three of the four supposedly lower class New York area teams rhyme (Mets, Nets and Jets). So I don't if that is more Blinverted than the Islanders not rhyming is but let me assure you, I find the whole thing Blinverted.

OJ Simpson is one of the best running backs to ever play in college and the pros.

Onto the entertainment field:

Roman Polanski won an Oscar over Martin Scorsese but was unable to accept it since he is a wanted felon in America.

Scorsese finally won a best director Oscar for The Departed, which was great but really borrowed from his other great movies in which he did not win Oscars for.

The big award for Hollywood has a name.

OJ Simpson is very entertaining in the Naked Gun trilogy as Lt. Nordberg (I often joke that it is Nordberg who is out looking for the real killers).

We'll give music its own sub-category:

Pink Floyd's first lead singer, Syd Barret, became the inspiration for most of their work when he left the band.

The best band of the last ten years is Tool and they are this generation's Pink Floyd.

Nine Inch Nails are a great band and a great way to hold boards together.

OJ Simpson never tried to get into the music field.

And finally...

OJ Simpson killed two people with a knife and is looking at jail time for stealing pictures of himself as a sports star by using a gun.


12:30 p.m. - 2008-09-21
Dewey Stevens in 29 Grams
Dewey was watching this meeting veer off in the same manner that production of the film was veering off. Who are we kidding here? He’s trying to make a movie. He was at a loss of words...

his mind looked like this...
(the open space and not the words, the words weren’t there in his mind)
{you see it is blank but I can’t tell you that without these words here)
(jokingly, that’s joke as an adverb)
(F.Y.I. stands for something)
(is this Dewey or me right now?)

Chuck saved him.


I got your fifty!


Chuck stood up and threw the fifty dollar bill onto the table. He did have a ten dollar bill in his wallet. It was his lucky ten dollar bill. It really hadn’t brought him much luck. I mean, look who the guy hangs out with.

Those are the breaks.

The three of them were now staring at Ed. The burrito sidebar had been shut and Ed was no longer too interested in the money talk. He had three bucks in his pocket. There was sixty-three cents in his car’s ashtray. The change was in a small cover of ash from smoked weed.

Those are the breaks.

He also had questions about the direction of the movie itself.


Can we do something about the music? Did you notice how it jumped back and forth through the different cuts and all that shit.


Are you gonna throw down Ed?


All we gotta do for that is film it with the music off then lay the track over top of the footage in editing.


Do you know how to do that?




Hey guys shut up. I’m getting lost here.

Those are the breaks.

Hey man, fuck you. Those are the breaks my ass.

No one wants to read this.

It’s the little voice in the back of my head. Hey look, I just wrote an introverted joke. But how did the little man get onto the paper?


11:16 a.m. - 2008-08-24
The Stigma Chapter 11, 'A Warm Winter'
He was transported back to his late childhood, the summer of double aught to be precise. A Russian submarine collided with another boat and sank to the bottom of some ocean or sea on the other side of the world. He was nine or ten and it was very sad, he grasped that even with his limited experience. It did not seem real to him until one newscaster spoke of a late rescue attempt. The words have been burned into his psyche ever since.

“The Norwegian dive team knocked on the hull of the sub. No one knocked back.”

James would never take a sub through the ocean, yet another mode of going to another continent nixed in his jaded mind.

The Russian sub tragedy was internationally condemned, the inverted pinnacle of the decade plus Age of Incompetence. The American low point came a little over a year later, one Tuesday morning.

It was the inverted pinnacle of a hell of a decade, the 90’s, which saw the aborted Florida voting fiasco, the abolishment of a World Series, Enron, Clinton bombing one country while defending himself from this one for infidelity and there was a lot more that James could not recollect at the moment.

It was the Russian president that unwittingly pushed the snowball down the slope that fueled the final momentum toward the Enlightenment. When the sub first scraped the bottom of the sea, or ocean, he was on vacation. Did the president immediately halt his personal reprieve for the good of the nation he runs? No. He stayed on vacation and simultaneously refused any help from the rest of the world that was offering to do just that, probably sitting on a cabana chair and giving the order to refuse through a cell phone. All the while, a group of his countrymen sat on the bottom of a sea with only auxiliary power keeping them alive.

No one knocked back.

That seemed to be a surreal reality to place humans within. At least it must have been because James had never been in a scenario like that, not even close. Cut off from everything else in the world except the extreme situation that surrounds. Some men began dying before others leaving the survivors with the responsibility of disposal. They were forced to lock the corpses into huge storage bins but the stench probably still permeated throughout the sub.

Slow death.

No one knocked back.

The survivors were also confronted with the unknown fate of their own survival: would they be rescued or soon join their fallen comrades?

No one knocked back.


7:26 p.m. - 2008-07-27
So I am finishing up Beodog and have some funny stuff that I can show here. You see, the main characters of Beodog are a writer/muse type of couople. The writer has writer's block due to his lack of confidence and the muse is trying to save the day.

How could a writer lose his cionfidence? Here's a snippet from on the confidence draining articles about his second book:

The Jones Gyroscope is, in the best possible light, an uneven follow-up by Jack Jones. His first Book, Beodog, in my eyes, should be seen as a questionable first effort. The greatest sin a writer can do is look like he is making it all up and that is the case with The Jones Gyroscope where more research was needed as at times, it just felt like I was reading a poorly envisioned story about nothing. A bad Seinfeld episode on paper.

The writer is writing a story about a couple he knows but they aren't talking so that is enough to give him writer's block, well that and someone saying this about him:

The Jones Gyroscope can be called horrible as well as crappy but in a stunning display of ineptitude, I believe that Jack Jones doesn’t even know what a gyroscope is. Tom Robbins has a knack for making inanimate objects into believable characters but I don’t think Jack Jones has a knack for anything.

The muse has to really get into his head and try to get him past stuff like this:

The Jones Gyroscope was an utter and complete waste of my time. Written in such a juvenile prose that it was possible to read the whole horrible thing I one sitting creating a night I’ll never get back. I realize that the bar has been lowered in literature in the 21st century but I really want to know what editor allowed the gyroscope to be a character?


7:29 p.m. - 2008-07-20
Training Camps Are Opening
I love the NFL Network. They have been replaying the entire 2007 and are up to the conference championship games. It is a capper to a big Brett Favre weekend.

They showed his first game back in 1992 against the Bengals when Favre replaced an injured Don Makowski then proceeded to start the next 237 regular season games in a row. They showed the Super Bowl where his Packers used over two hundred return yards from Desmond Howard to beat the Bill Parcells coached New England Patriots in the 1997 Super Bowl.

Then they showed an epic battle with the Minnesota Vikings from Christmas Eve 2004 where the ack won their thrid straight NFC North title. Seasons of 4-12 and 8-8 followed that season before the Packers hung a 13-3 playoff season on the league in 2007.

Next week will be the re-airing of the Super Bowl where the Giants handed the Patriots their only loss of the season.

The NFL will never see a team go 18-0 again. The undefeated Dolphins went 17-0 back in 1972 when there were only 14 regualar season games. It took thirty-five years for a team to match 17-0.

I guess in another thirty-five years there could be a tem that goes 18-0 but there is talk of explanding the season by one game, which would mean that perfection would be a nice, even 20-0.

20-0, that would be a perfect season for a major league baseball pitcher and it would hurt just as bad if that mythical pitcher were to lose a game in the postseason but it might not be a season ender like the Pats only loss was last year. The Rockets had a stretch where they went 22-0 last season but they didn't even make it out of the first round.

Memphis in the college basketball season was 37-1 going into their final game, the national championship game against Kansas. No men's college basketball team had ever won 37 games in one season before. Memphis ended up 37-2 in an epic championship game that rivaled the epic Super Bowl a few months before it. The UCon Huckies in women's college basketball once went 37-0 and won the title.

I know it's only women's basketball but I guess it is pretty darn impressive.

Well, I have veered off course but to get back on task, training camps are opening and it is getting time for my NFL picks. I alternate between the Colts and the Pats in the AFC and I went with the Pats last year. I will ssy that the Chargers could be tough this season. As for the NFC, I'm not buying the Vikings, who are a popular pick this pre-season. I don't think the Giants will be repeating but I do think the NFC East will place the next NFC team in the Super Bowl. I am thinking the Cowboys but I sure do like the Eagles.

It is pretty cool that training camps are opening.


6:06 p.m. - 2008-06-28
The Bad Query Letter
You've heard about the filmmakers who maxxed out their credit cards in order to make their first hit movie. What about the hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, who maxxed out their credit cards only to become debt ridden?

Their stores are not as interesting.

They are the MySpace stars who talk all about the same thing. They all talk about having to work a real job until their big break comes.

I no longer need the big break. I am a debt riddled husband, homeowner and humanitarian who wants to further my writing career. I do not need to, however, as maxxing out my credit cards to chase a film career gave me priceless memories, along with three movie shorts, which have led to contentment.

In discovering that I was not special enough to make it, I have found the joy of an honest day's work. I do want for more but merely wanting does not make me at all special.

I have a literary agent promoting The Disciples but it is not a young, hip agent that finds me special. I want a young and hip agent that wants to see The Disciples by J. Floyd King on bookshelves in Borders and Barnes and Noble.

Having found contentment through failure, I realize that I don't need anything so are you the literary agent that I want?


10:30 a.m. - 2008-06-07
The Blinverted Time Machine
part two

I want to examine the main question that I liked from part one here. I might not even have asked it but I want to write about Gore winning in 2000 since this is Blinverted and nothing is official.

Al Gore was part of the administration that was mired in controversy because of the actions and lies of Bill Clinton. It was major news and when Clinton left office, I for one had a lot of animosity toward him. I would have been able to vote in 1996 but could not vote for either Clinton or Dole.

I did vote in 2000 for Al Gore because I was afraid of what George Bush would do if given the keys to the country.

On a quick side note, Gore was the only person from the big two parties that I vote for. My other votes were all for the Green Party.

They were in favor of weed and not the environment.

I find it unfair to say that Gore would have done a better job than Bush. The presures of the office of the president are beyojnd my comprehension so saying this man I never met would do better than that man I never met is unfair.

It is a nice thought to say that everything that went wrong in the past eight years could have been cured with one flick of fate's wrist but it is only a thought. I am sad to see the state of affairs in America today but it is our own fault. We as a nation have become cynical and desperate with the only advancements being in technology and not in our own minds. We have lulled ourselves into a false sense of everything with what we can do on a day-to-day basis. We have told ourselves that we are advanced because of what we can see and do each and everyday but we have lost sight that the human mind is the most powerful machine in the world today.

My mind created a Blinverted time machine, somethng that will never occur in reality. I have ideas in my mind as to how to fix some of our ills and none of those ideas involve changing the winner of the 2000 election.

After the advancements of the 20th century, it felt as if the world was primed for a new way of living in the 21st century. It seems an innovative man like Al Gore would have been a perfect fit for the time we were entering.

What we found out though was that this country could be run by a monkey and it would survive.

That monkey has a first name and it is G-E-O-R-G-E. He put this country into neutral for eight years and not only did we suffer, the world was placed into neutral as well. That is the responsibility of the strong and that is to lead the rest.

America led the world into war while here at home we are all losing our homes.

Hope is a new voice and we will get that soon, I hope we choose the right person this time. America needs to put the car back into drive and start moving forward again.


1:11 p.m. - 2008-05-04
Blinverted on the Radio
part two

With my Buckeyes topic being almost exhausted, I wanted to move onto the othet college program I am a huge fan of:

I'm don't have to talk too much about the NIT since the Buckeyes didn't lose.

Kevin O'neil was on the Dan Patrick show yesterday and seemed to still want to be around the Arizona program, even mentioning the succession plan and his holding to it. We should be happy he is saying that after Lute said what he said.

Kevin O'neil's mistakes this season are what make him a great coach. He doesn't play gimmick D. His players this season never had the mindset of 'I'm gonna stop you on your end and I'm gonna score on you on my end'. He said they wouldn't play good D until the middle of next year because that would be how long these guys would need to gain that mindset and be what UCLA is right now.

That is the writing on the wall, it goes through UCLA. Lute is coming back, the guys will get in game rest using a zone defense, maybe not fall behind early so they are not working from a deficit and play the way Lute wants to play: outscoring you.

And we are gonna have some scorers next year. We should hope for Kevin O'neil to start recruiting his kind of players and if UCLA is a sign then we can get the blue chippers to bear down and play some ball because we got the name.

We're Arizona

I also heard on of my favorite reporters on the Jungle one day when Jim Rome was on. Rome takes a lot of vacation because he gets a lot of vacation:

Jason Whitlock, of the Kansas City Star, is a well respected media guy who deserves it. Being in the middle of the country, I have to hunt him down to hear his take and I am a lazy man. Luckily today he was pumped right into my lap via 1290 as he was a replacement host on the morning show I listen to.

He was pushing for Kobe to win the MVP. I am pulling for him too, his value this season is at a whole other level. With the injuries and the West being what it is this season (should be a great game tonight between Golden State and Denver), no other player in the league has done more this year.

And it can be a lifetime achievement award to boot. Kobe is a Hall of Famer, Hall of Famers usually win MVP's along the way.

I have made a few calls to the show also but you will just have to imagine me talking about Mike Vick getting many chances, the state of blogging in the sports world and the NBA playoffs. I sent some of my thoughts on the NBA playoffs via the e-mail as well and those are gonna fill up part three, you will just have to see.


10:03 p.m. - 2008-04-10
Jen X
part two

The only light in the room is pointed to the body of the kid. The door is unlocked and it is so important that these greedy fucks just walk inside of the house. They need to follow their greed all the way to the body in the corner.

The two thugs blended into the dark room with their black suits. They were the only thing that the night feared.

A car pulled to a stop at the front of the house. Voices grew louder as footsteps drew nearer. There was a knock on the door and after that, for a long moment, there was nothing.

Eric doomed them from outside.

“Oh shit, that’s right, Shane said the door was unlocked.”

The darkness smiled but the three who entered the dark house only saw the shimmering green that lay within the darkness. The two in front actually spoke to the body as they approached it. Eric watched them, his face showing fear but his eyes filled with greed.

Rodney bagged him and threw him to the ground when Ben and Richard found out that Shane was dead.

Jack went after Ben with his ruthless precision. A punch to the face as a stunner. A punch to the face to inflict pain. A punch to the face to gain control. A knee to the stomach to knock them down to their knees. Collapse the throat with his enormous hands. Let the body fall to the ground.

Rodney got a hold of a fighter. Richard came out swinging. Rodney ducked and threw Richard to the ground. Rodney used his shoulder to pin Richard to the ground. Rodney waited and felt Richard release tension. Rodney rose up onto his knees, clenched his fists together and collapsed Richard’s face. When he pulled his hands up, he saw one of Richard’s eyes had popped out of its sockets.

Rodney waved at Jack and pointed at Richard’s disfigured face.

“Cold mother fucker.”

“Bad mother fucker.”

They both turned their attention to Eric.

“Samuel wants to see you, Eric”

“Take your mask off, Eric, I want to see you.”

Eric felt the blackness all around him. He knew the mask on his head was black but he could see that beyond that was even darker. He felt safety with the mask on his head. He knew Samuel was staring at him but with the mask on his head…

“I want you to take it off, Eric, are you making me ask you a second time?”

“I don’t want to see you Samuel…”

He slowly took the mask off of his head. He saw the infinite office around him.


Eric stared at where the ground should be. It seemed he floated upon the ground on a cloud of smoke. The smoke came from the walls, the ceiling and the floor. Just like the music. Just like the echoes. And soon, just like Samuel’s voice.

“I see you as everything that is right with your generation and it is why you are all so wrong with every breath you take. I have corrupted you all to the point where I need a new challenge and as a destroyer, the only real challenge for me would be to create. I want you to bring me a baby from one of these cunt-whore skanks that are all too eager to give everything away. Your reward is keeping your wicked life, only it will get better because you’d be working for the man who runs this town run over by the only generation that allowed themselves to be labeled.”

Samuel looked at Eric and remembered a time when boys like him would beg for their lives at his feet. He allowed melancholy to encompass him for a moment.

He sighed.

“X marks the spot, Eric.”


9:27 a.m. - 2008-03-22
The Third Realization
The teller might actually ask me to open a checking account when I go to pay my credit card bill. I realized that I would be embarrassed to have my money at an institution that has so little regard for me and for those round me in the line. There is an active disinterest I see in all of those who should be thankful they have a steady form of income. It is a side effect of Corporate America, the last rebellion the employees have left.

I finally make it to the window and I realized I might be able to leave the bank soon. What would I do next? I have nothing but time and adventure on my mind.

I'm gonna write about me, of course. I am trying to exhaust all of the topics on myself that I can, one at a time. It has been taking me a long time because I write about the same stuff sometimes, I realize now, as this is just another angle on Corporate America.

I am thankful I was able to work at a few corporate jobs. I was able to see the beast from the inside. I was able to get extra hours because the right people liked me. I was able to keep my job because the right people liked me. I have made catasrophic mistakes at every job I have ever had and when I finally learned how to play the game, I was able to survive a few of those mistakes. One of the companies I worked for was not able to endure their mistakes and they were bought by another company.

It was an epic corporate struggle. There wasn't a dry tie in the room.

Well, I have written a bunch of words, said as little as possible and inspired no one. I can't wait to see what I think of next.


2:45 p.m. - 2008-02-18
One Night/Jen X
One Night was this screenplay I wrote as a way to capture what Generation X was all about. It later inspired the even longer screenplay called Sam Gonzalez, which became the story around One Night. Those two screenplays eventually became the epic novel The Disciples, which will be the next book that I release.

So where does Jen X fit in? Well, that is another fascinating cluster of words. Jen X was really born of fear. You see in 2001 I tired to make One Night and it all fell apart the day we were going to go and rent the equipment. It took me six years to get the pieces back together for another attempt at One Night. With the pieces in place, another problem arose.

The One Night script wasn't camera ready according to some of the people who were helping along the pre-production process. After the fifth rewrite I was abut to give up. I had it cast, I had the people I needed to shoot it but I really didn't have a script. Out of desperation, I went back to the storytelling process, using the cast I knew I already had and wrote Jen X.

I always call Jen X the sixth One Night rewrite. Things always happen in their own for their own reasons so it is useless to wonder how things could have gone. I do sometimes wonder what I would have done if the sixth rewrite, the Jen X version of one Night, was still lacking what it needed to be camera ready.

It was a very abstract story, which I always thoght was the best way to talk about Generation X. We are a generation of thinkers so any story about them had better provoke thought.

This was supposed to be about the time we spent on the set of Jen X but I have always found the path to getting to those two days so much more interesting.

The scary thing about the set was that I was a constant malcontent in all of the jobs where I worked for someone. Jen X was me being in charge. Was I right to suggest better ways to run things while working at regular jobs or would I be the unfair boss I always seemed to work for?

The greatest joy was knowing that I led my set with compassion and we all had the clearly defined goal of making a great movie short.

It was such a fun experience that my wife and I wanted to go through it again.

It was called Souldier and you can read about that in part III of Blinverted.


9:08 a.m. - 2008-01-26
The Walls
They're not closing in on me. The feeling I have is not creating pressure in reality. I see the walls just fine and they are not any closer than when I last looked.

It's this feeling washing over me that is closing in on me. It makes the walls want to come and get me, the way I feel. I want to stop feeling this way. The walls are not people either, people are not out to get me.

No one even knows about me. I exist on the streets.

Living trash in the eyes of the beholders. It's the eyes that try not to see me but they all have their own walls and I am closing in on all of them.

I no longer ignore my existence. I am real and the walls are not out to get me. I used to like being ignored, it provided me with solitude. Their eyes broke that solitude.

Their eyes want me to go away.

So I go back to my box. When it rains the walls warp until they give out and the box tries to smother me. Booze is my only medication. If my eyes sting from the sun and th dust, I drink. If the sun burns my exposed skin then I drink. When I am wasted and walking on the street and get hit by a car I feel nothing. When I follow people to their homes and sleep in their doorways, I feel refreshed.

When they open the door and scream because I am there, then I attack.

When I sit in a home that is not my own I cannot help but feel the walls closing in on me. They want to capture me forever. They want my future to be within their confines.

But I rebel, I move onto another box or another home or another city. I am invisible.

Pray you never see me when I feel the walls closing in on me.


2:45 p.m. - 2007-12-29
My Torment
I am tormented. The worst part of my torment is that it comes from my success so, maybe, that is the best part of my torment.

Nothing is ever official in Blinverted.

I wrote this nice little story from the point of view of a dog. I shared it in MySpace and it was a hit. I still laugh at certain parts when imagining what my dog is thinking and trying to capture it in words on a page. The problem, and reason for my torment (I might have already mentioned my torment in the title), is that dog's don't think in English.

I could create a doggie language (call it doggy freestyle?) using barks and growls but those growls and barks would still have an English translation. I guess it would, I mean, every other freaking language has an English translation.

As a writer, I am bound to the English language. i suppose I could take the time to make up my own language, an alien dialect of my own mind's doing if you will, but it would be based off of English still. Yep, from every misplaced letter forming every imagined word there would still be a root in the English language so others could figure out what the hell it meant.

If I ever went all out and made upa language of unearthly origins that was not translateable to English in any way then I would have created something that only I could understand. That would create a limited marketplace because I really don't read this crap.

I would like to read more but it torments me.



8:08 a.m. - 2007-12-05
I just finished Guardian Devils by Rebecca McEldowney. She is a local author whose book I picked up at a local book signing we both attended. She was kind enough to buy a copy of Circles and we have been enjoying each other's work ever since.

I do plan on writing a review of Guardian Devils and putting in The Entertainment Magazine but until then...

I want to talk about me.

In speaking (via the e-mail) with Rebecca, we talked about influences or something we were talking about got me thinking about my influences and here I am about to write about them.

The anticipation is really thick right here, I can barely see my computer screen.

When I think of a story, either the end comes to me and I try to fill in how I got to that point or the beginning comes to me and I fill in where the story will go. When I was in a writing zone a few years back, I could think of a title and write a story based upon that.

I fell out of the zone so I started to blog, I think that happens all of the time.

My first novel, The Stigma in 2004, was a baginning extrapolation. What if an event was caught on film that was so monumental that it propelled both involved onto two vastly different paths. It was really inspired by the evening news, since reality TV was still a few years away, when I wondered what kind of story would have stying power.

Circles came out in 2005 and that one is short stories and it seems everyone has its own inspiration.

To wit...

The first story Ghost Town was inspired by Stephen King's The Jaunt. One of Stephen King's greatest gifts as a writer are his throwaway thoughts. The paragraphs where he gives an odd detail to his plotline. In The Jaunt, a story about traveling tremendous distances in mere moments, there was a description of a woman being put into the Jaunt without a destination so she was believed to be hurtling through the universe with no known destination. That imagery led me to the end of Ghost Town where our hero is hurtling through space in a spaceship where his destination is unknown.

Magic Man Casts the Same Spell was inspired by my father-in-law. It is a very selfish story of modern man. My wife's father, my father-in-law, is trying to re-build his relationship with his daughters after years of being selfish.

Most men wait until they are dying and then usurp time from the kids they ignored as they try to make peace of their lives. I'm glad my wife's dad started a little earlier.

I examined the generational gap in Rut. Us using our elders is not new ground in a story and even the twist of the elder using the youth is not new. Their relationship and the youth's sickness are totally Floydian however.

The Heist deals with my favorite theme: getting what you want only to find out you have no idea why you want it so when you get it, there is no joy. There does not have to be sorrow at this realization but in The Heist, there was.

A Georgian Summer is my romp through a part of my past. I was victim of an elaborate brain-washing that led me to Georgia where I was to sell books to make money. I didn't make any money that summer but the story has been selling nicely.

Finally, Freedom was based on a Simpsons Treehouse of Horrors where the Earth got rid of all of its weapons only to be enslaved by aliens who had weapons. The Simpsons made it funny and I went the other way with it.

My dream is to one day inspire a writer in the way in which I have been so inspired.


12:42 a.m. - 2007-11-25
Great News
Jen X has made it into a film festival. It is in there under my real name so you can see which moniker has more pizzazz.

The Strange Behavior Film Fest will start at 6pm December 2nd at The Surly Wench(424 N. 4th Ave) with Films, Filmmakers, Bands, Booze, and Food. A celebration of the outer fringe of film with Horror Shorts, Experimental, Indie Shorts, Animations, Music Videos, Trailers, and Shorts that have to do with strange oddities of cinema!

Here is the films that are playing, these don't reflect the screening times. The screen times will be posted in the next day or two.(the complete schedule won't up til tonight, more films will be added!)

Girl With Gun
Dir: Russ Emanuel

Pornographic Apathtic
Dir: T. Arthur Cottam

Jen X
Dir: Dan Smith

Dir: Robert Rivas

The Suicide
Dir: Jeff Markey

Bear to The Right
Dir: Matthew F. Leonetti Jr.

The Gimp
Dir: Brent Hendrick

Mental Distortion
Dir: Kim Sonderholm

Vote For Zomie
Dir: Timothy Glassen

Visors Down
Dir: Derek R. Griffith

The Runners
Dir:Jordan Fuller & Justin Mashouf

The Nightmare Series: The Lost Girl
Dir: David Cable

Can of Clouds
Dir: Timothy Glassen

The Pillow Case
Dir: Maggie Simpson

Hard Candy
Dir: Justyn Buske

My Dying Day
Dir: Courtney Fathom Sell

The Mislead Adventures of Cannibal Girl & Incest Boy
Dir: Richard Taylor

Insected Mind
Dir: David Pike

Jack of Cards
Dir: Angelo Lopes

You Made Me Love You
Dir: Veronica Frambrough

Shark Pants
Army of Garbage


9:10 a.m. - 2007-11-14
Tips on Writing
I have really come into my own as a writer in 2007. It is the culmination of everything I have learned and written about since I started with a short story called Rut in my senior year of high school. Evrything I have ever written still means something to me.

I remember we had to read The Veldt by Ray Bradbury in my freshmen year of high school. The assignment was to write a story using those themes. What I wrote was for the most part forgettable, except for this part I wrote where a couple of kids fell out of the sky when their flying machine broke. One fell and was knocked out. The other landed on his feet but that caused even more problems. I remember I wrote that one of his kneecaps was ejected from his body by the impact of his two large leg bones.

I had my style very early on. I write about getting what you want and seeing that you really don't know what it is that you want. Life is my muse and I am always learning new things about the world, people and myself.

Here are some tips I have learned along the way that I want to share with any and all aspiring writers.

The first obstacle to writing stuff you are proud of is getting through the crap. You might hate everything you write so it is important to find the things that you like in your writing. Those are your strengths. As you learn the art of writing, stick with your strengths.

Every word, line and sentence is important. If you are skimming through some of your stuff and there are small things that you don't like, fix them. Perfection is a myth so shoot for good. If every part of your story is good then you have written a good story. If one part is not good then it will be easier to spot when it is surrounded by quality.

Start with screenplays. This is my big secret. I wrote 18 screenplays in my early 20's thinking I would be a famous filmmaker by the time I was 30. Screenplays are visual forms of writing since you are imagining what it will look like on the screen as you write it. When turned into literature, the manuscript becomes almost alive in the adaptation. Another bonus to writing from your own screenplay is that if there is interest in your book and interest in an adaptation, you can get writing credit for that because they will have to at least look at your screenplay and any good agent can turn that into a credit.

Understand there is no ceiling. With a craft like writing, you will never reach your potential. You can write the greatest thing in the history of the world on Monday then redefine what greatness is on Tuesday with your next writing endeavor. It is important to not be a perfectionist. If you do not like a story or book, examne why so you can create a better work the next time.

Get your stuff out there. This is where a lot of writers lose their nerve. If you do not put your writing out there then how can people know they will like what you write? If you are afraid of criticism then stop writing immediately. You will be praised and you will be chastised but they are only talking about your writing. Once you put something out there, it is up to the masses to decide about your work. You have to have a solid base of who you are and what you want to write about and if you keep at it and keep improving then you will find an audience.

The last thing is the money. Successful writers do not always make a living at their trade. Success in writing is being read. If you are writing because it looks like an easy way to make money then you are mistaken. It is a fun way to make money, that is true, but it is like any other trade where it takes time. Instead of going to school and getting a degree for a career that you may or may not get a job in, you are writing a book that might or might not sell.

There is no safe path in writing. That is just another part of the adventure.


8:37 a.m. - 2007-10-25
Craig Oliver
I want to share an extraordinary story. It is about a man out of time and place. The man doesn't worry about such things when their is a hurting world in need of help. A world in need of love.

Craig Oliver, in the idealistic time of the 60's and 70's, enjoyed life to its fullest. During his own joy, he could not ignore the suffering of others. As a nation turned from idealism to greed in the 80's, Craig was hustling to gather materials for a great project he conceived. There was a need for medicine and education and hope in Southeast Asian countries like Thailand and Cambodia as thousands of displaced refugees were seeking safety from oppression.

So Craig started asking around. He would get prescriptions that have expired, equipment that was outdated and other donations of medical supplies, load them into planes and travel to Southeast Asia. Anesthesia was one thing he could not get so the doctors at the camps would use ether masks to perform surgeries. He worked with the REO (Refugee Educational Organization). The philosophy of the REO was to teach indigenous tribes to take care of themselves because the REO knew they would one day run out of money and supplies to run the refugee camps they created along the Thai/Cambodian frontier as neither country has ever defined the border. Half of their time was spent giving hands on medical care and the other half was spent teaching.

Craig was a man of the people as he walked in the heat of a Burma afternoon, where temperatures could reach as high as 117 degrees with the humidity at a scalding 100 percent. They made bunkers out of bamboo and blue plastic in the middle of war zones. He had some medical training, he spoke Thai but would need help with all of the diffeerent dialects he encountered. He was very appreciated as parents saw him help their children and children would call him Santa Claus. The refugees in Cambodia were fleeing the Khmer Rouge. Even when the Khmer Rouge was taken out of power, they still launched guerilla attacks on the new government. To this day, land mines still litter the Cambodian landscape. The people were caught in the middle of this and Craig did something about it.

I see the world the way Craig does, I hope. There are many things to make you cynical but if you get out and do something, you can create hope. I have more to share from Craig's travels into Southeat Asia. Amazing stories happen everyday, it is just a matter of listening so that you can hear them.


12:37 p.m. - 2007-09-27
Before I start talking about me, there is a bigger failure I want to wax on about. The Mets had a 7 game lead over the Phillies with 17 games to play. In the history of baseball, no team has lost such a big lead with so little time left to play in the season.

In 1969 they were the Amazing Mets. In 2007 they are the Debacle Mets. We are pulling for Cleveland in the playoffs but now have a soft spot for the rampaging Phillies.

Did you know Dan Marino threw 420 career touchdown passes? I'm a go to my garage right quick.

So I made a movie in 2007 called Jen X. I must of had a good time because I went and made another movie called Souldier. That one I was only producing and it was a lot less work than directing. With those two under my belt, I am feeling confident. My wife and I wrote a funny screenplay based on our lives and now we are casting for it.

Beodog is the name of the book Jack Jones wrote that led him to become a famous writer. He ripped off Beowulf and slapped his name on it but no one seemed to notice.

You see, when you are writing a comedy it is okay to have at least one exaggeration. I am assuming that in this day and age a man could completely rip off a book without an author and become famous for doing that while no one notices.

Beodog is a smaller in scale screenplay than my first movie short. There is this trap that aspiring filmmakers fall into where they want to make epic movies right from the start. I fell into that trap, tried to make an epic movie short the first time out and realized that it was a mistake.

Experience is priceless. Making a movie work is hard enough without worrying if all of the roles will be filled. Even getting all of the roles filled does not mean that you have good actors in all of the roles either. Even getting all of the roles filled by good actors does not mean that the script is any good.

You see what I am saying? The more you add to a production the harder you make it on yourself. I don't want it to be easy but I also don't want it to seem impossible either.

So that is what I did, I created a middle ground and am calling it Beodog.


6:59 p.m. - 2007-09-14
The Cycles Building
It's funny, I talked about over thirty books already in this part of Blinverted and I want to put out one I never mentioned and I want to put it out this year. I also would like to write a bunch of really long sentences bu this one looks like it will fall short.

Oh well.

A couple of my favorite stories are in The Cycles Building. 29 Grams is the epic story of one man failing over and over again when trying to make a movie. It has one of my favorite characters, Dewey Stevens.

The other one is Revolution, a sci-fi serial that will tie all four prior stories together in a surreal way. I am in the editing process and I sent a mistake strewn copy to the because I am seeing a ton of missing periods. I have to write the page and paragraph of every missing period. I shortened the phrase as more and more periods went missing.

In the story Cho Nahn Dan Viet-Nam, I had this strange problem where I kept capitolizing the word sergeant in referring to a man. I was so happy when he finally stepped on a landmine and got blown away. The problem cropped back up with a major but it wasn't nearly as bad.

I don't usually cheer when death occurs but since I created his life it didn't feel as weird to elate in the made up death.

You see why writing is so fun?


3:37 a.m. - 2007-08-30
Have We Bottomed Out?
It is tough living in the greatest country in the history of the world today. For starters, we have entered a vulnerable stretch of days as the two year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina will lead us to the sixth anniversary of 9/11.

Distraction has always been a stopgap remedy and we have sunk pretty low to make fun of an adorable 18 year old. We have probably all seen it on YouTube as the Miss Teen South Carolina gave an ironic answer when questioned about a lack of education.

If that doesn't steal your attention from this stretch of tough days, how about Dubya asking for 50 billion more for the war in Iraq?

Can America afford this war as it falls deeper into a quagmire in an already volatile region? I believe that we cannot afford to leave now but is it worth the future of our country?

To say we have bottomed out is strong. America is in a slump is what the problem is. We lack leadership yet we get the show Lil Bush. We lack integrity so we make fun of a teen-ager. We lack direction so we spend money on a war we cannot get out of. We grow tired of what we lack so we buy things on credit. We cannot cure homelessness so we fight to cure erectile dysfunction. We don't like to look at our own lives so we read about our more confused than the rest celebrities with a glint of malice.

We are so angry that we have forgotten what it is that makes us mad. We have not bottomed out, we just sometimes forget that we are still alive and we forget that it is such a wonderful gift.


6:29 p.m. - 2007-08-16
Back Online
A monsoon lightning storm pased through Tucson a few nights back. I leave my modem on all of the time and I was taught a lesson as the lightning and the modem did not jive. I spent all of Wednesday off of the Net. It seemed the colors were brighter, the smells were smellier and that horrible taste in my mouth finally went away.

I did try to use an old modem so I could have all of the smells, colors and tastes go back to the way we were but it proved a fools errand.

I called the Internet provider and he had me try the old modem again and it worked the second time. I still have to replace the other one or else I won't be able to go online with my laptop. It is a strange world, eh? Modems and lightning leading to laptop issues and speaking to real people on the phone is always discombobulating. I made it through and am back online.

Looking back, I really didn't miss surfing the web. I replaced my online time with a bunch of continuous TV watching hours. The best thing I saw, other than Stephen Colbert slamming pain pills through a funnel into his mouth, was the Stephen Hayes interview on the Daily Show.

Hayes wrote a book called Cheney that talks about the VP in biographical form. Obviously, Cheney is not going to open up to someone who does not agree with him so it is safe to say that Stephen Hayes wrote a positive book on Cheney.

It is fascinating to watch people hold to imaginary lines. Jon Stewart showed an interview made by Cheney in 1994 where he spoke of the quagmire Iraq would be after another invasion. Hayes defended the current actions of the VP by saying the world changed on one day. Stewart said that our world might have changed but the situation in Iraq was the same as it was in 1994.

Both men are very intelligent and they found agreement amongst their differences but both held firm to the imaginary lines their beliefs require of them.

It is disheartening to know that the powers that be had a clearer vision of what Iraq was over a decade ago. The powers that be say that we don't understand this war. We understand this war and don't agree with how it has been handled and we live in a grand country where when we have an opinion, we are allowed to voice it.

It doesn't make us traitors. I like to think it makes us free as we attempt to stay informed.


10:58 a.m. - 2007-08-01
The Wasteland
The storm we had yesterday was not the first of the season. We have been getting good rains all week. During the space between storms, the city looks so much cleaner. It reminds of something Travis Bickles said in Taxi Driver...

"The rain washes all of the filth off the street. I love it when it rains."

I am paraphrasing what he meant because I don't quite remember what he said. I bet Jon Hinkley knows the exact quote. Hinkley is the man who shot Ronald Reagan in the early 80's and it is believed that he patterned his own life after that of the Taxi Driver portrayed by Robert DeNiro.

If Hinkley used the real Bible instead of Taxi Driver as an ertswhile Bible then would he still be crazy? There's stories in the Bible just as gruesome as Taxi Driver.

One of my favorite bloggers is The Wasteland. I like to read his stuff because I don't always agree with it. It is refreshing to read stuff that makes me mad because that means the writer has the same potential of inspiring. It led me to a deeper truth that we seek those who think and act like us. We are often put into scenarios where we do not see eye-to-eye with other people. It seems a good guide as to you do not want to get to know better.

Is it though? If everyone is basically seeking the same things, why not hear about someone else's path?

That is how I live my life. It is a life of learning and each day is truly a wonderful new lesson.

Thank you for reading part two and I have enough for yet another spill over.

It's the first of August and it feels like I am blooming.

Finally, after thirty long years.


8:33 p.m. - 2007-07-16
They Always Come in Three's
It started when the Phillies lost their ten thousandth baseball game. It reminded me that Tool's latest CD was called 10,000 Days.

That CD is really good.

That was two 10,000's so I figured I'd write about that. Then I go to see the new Harry Potter and during the 20 minutes of previews, I see one from the director of Independence Day called 10,000 BC.

And there is your three. I don't think the Phils have 10,000 wins but that is just a hunch.

I have really lost interest in the Harry Potter movies. I did like the first three but in the last two that bad guy Valdemort has been lurking and it turns out those two have to fight to the death but there's seven books. Every time this Dark Lord messes with Harry, Harry beats him.

And the kids are all grown up. They were messing with my head when they were punished for lying but were supposed to be 14 years old according to the script.

Oh well, making movies is fun so they are probably looking forward to doing the next two. They could save us all a whole bunch of time and just have Harry fight Valdemort to the death.

900 pages is what I heard. Stephen King's seventh Dark Tower was great and it was about that long. Not quite that long. I read all of those books. I haven't read any of the Potter books but my wife has read the first six and is looking forward tot he seventh.

I am curious if JK Rowling is gonna write anything else. Can she break into a new genre or even re-create this genre and bring her enormus fan base with her?

I think Ms. Rowling can do whatever she wants to do for as long as she wants to do it.


5:19 a.m. - 2007-07-03
Wow, Do I Need To Blinvert
So hold on as I ADD my way through this entry where I, among other things, turn ADD into a verb.

I still feel like I am reeling from tragedy. Dear to me, my cousin Julie has been upgraded from critical condition. Nationally, as more details from the Benoit nightmare come out, the last days of that families existence becomes surreal.

Then my wife goes to the mall where she works at a clothing store and in a department store down the corridor two guys get into a fight and one pulls out a gun. Three people were shot. Heather calls me and says that the mall is locked down but she is okay. If you hear anything on the news don't freak out. Now, when we aren't fighting, we always say 'I love you" before we hang up. We were not fighting that day but she hung up quick and didn't say it.

I knew of nothng else other than her phone call at that point. The local news stations did not pick up the story for almost another forty-five minutes (Heather was actually out of the mall at thtat point and watching the reports on TV next to me). I wanted to drive to the mall and see if I could talk to a police officer. I would ask him if I could go and get my wife or something.

I was on the phone when she got back. I was hearing good news on the phone from the director of the commercial we were about to shoot (after two days of searching we found glass ketchup bottles) and seeing good news because my wife was safe.

Speaking of good news, I wanted to end on that this time around. We shot the comercial the following morning at the Broadway Cafe and it is going to look great. Look for it on YouTube once it gets edited.

After the shoot ended, I went to the post office and mailed out Jen X to Sundance.

When I failed to make One Night back in 2001, it became a dream to one day make a movie to send to Sundance. Six years later, with the package on its way, I realize that it really is not a dream come true. It was always another step that I needed to take and although I might have idealized that step, it never changed what it was.

I am very excited to send out my movie though. Jen X has been sent to eight festivals so far (one is even in Ireland) and I might do up to six more.

With the commercial done, the focus now shifts to our next movie short, Souldier, which starts filming this weekend. If our hunt for ketchup bottles has any intangible meaning then it should be a blinverted production.


9:12 a.m. - 2007-06-22
Lil' Bush
Comedy Central is an envelope pushing network. They allowed the creators of South Park to run a few episodes of the hilarious That's My Bush.

They turned the Whute House into a sitcom complete with annoying neighbor.

And now they have unleashed the inner child of our president and his cronies, er, insert something nicer than cronies here. Teh show is far too sarcastic to be funny anymore. It is the same thing with American Dad. Both shows are okay to watch but I just don't laugh anymore.

I'm watching Lil' Bush working at himself under the desk and know he's coming out with the underpants over the shorts. I see that it was a joke and he even made some good cracks about his new initiative, which led to the show's joke of Lil' Bush becoming the decider he wanted to be.

I did laugh once. When Lil' Bush made Lil' Condi dress up like a girl because Lil' Bush didn't think she was really a girl. It was a well layered joke because Lil' Condi drew a painting of Lil' Bush earlier with hearts all around him.

The thing about the show is that it is so juvenile. It makes me think I am back in high school and there's someone that I don't like and I want them to take some crap because of it then they do and it went way over the top and now I kinda feel bad for the person that I don't like.

And that is the exact opposite of what Lil' Bush should do. It should make us laugh at our idiot president. Maybe the simple fact is that the real Lil' Bush, the one that is allowed to start wars in real life that is, is doing such a good job of making us laugh.

What's that, VP Cheney? Go what myself? Calm down Dick, you might have an epsidoe.

That's nice talk for a heart attack.

What I want to know is why in the hell did Dick Cheney start cursing in my head?

It could only happen in Blinverted.


10:50 a.m. - 2007-06-09
What Do The Kids Watch On Saturday?
When I was a kid, it was so fun to wake up and walk to the nearest TV in the house and watch cartoons all morning. It was important in my life too as my first book turned out to be almost all about watching cartoons. So I was up this morning and it was too early for any sports and I was checking the network stations and the cartoons suck.

There was one where flying pigs shot bacon grease out of guns. ABC didn't even have cartoons on. Where's the Looney Toons? Where's The Littles? The Snorks, Smurfs and Rainbow Brite? The kids today get the Suite Life of Zack and Cody and bacon grease.

No wonder video games are so popular. I'm wearing a shirt that says Kill Your TV. IM IMing my wife, who is downstairs on her laptop, and she told me about Rainbow Brite. It's hard to remember all of those cartoons on Saturday since I watched cartoons all week as a kid.

One of my favorites was an afterschool one on Nickelodeon called the Lost City of Gold. I remember the time changed before they found the city and it came on when I was still in school so I still don't know, to this day, if they ever found that freaking city of gold.

I gotta admit, it kinda haunts me.

I did find some sports on the TV this morning and I was actually flipping between College Baseball and NFL Europe. In NFL Europe if you make a field goal longer than 50 yards you get 4 points.

I sure hope there isn't an NFL Europe team in France.


5:01 a.m. - 2007-05-30
This is gonna be fun, It's early int he morning/late in the evening and I am up because of Jen X. Vernon Neal gave it a four star review and said he wanted to see more. Phil Villareal gave it, I would say, about a one and a half to two star review and said he wanted to see more.

I would call that a smattering with the same theme. Too bad I'm not good with themes, I mean, just try and read Blinverted.

I am actually listening to Steve Sabon also. Bindi Irwin, 8 year old daughter of the fallen Steve, is going to be on Bindi the Jungle Girl. Sabon said one of the rejected names was Bindi the Stingray Orphan.

Oh yeah, I'm also making Jen X the prologue of another screenplay called Redemption.

Let me go and see what Sabon is gonna say next.

He's a funny guy and overly offensive today because he is finally feeling better. It was a Wednesday miracle.

Redemption is one of my funnest ideas. The Mormon religion believes in a planet called Kolob as their heaven. I thought it was pretty cool. Kevin Smith made Dogma and got a ton of free exposure from some relgious group so I figured I could try and piss off all of those Mormons by making a couple of the angels on Kolob savage. Like they play a game where heathans are taken from Hell so they can kill a slacker on Earth then go to prison on Kolob.

A prison in Heaven, I find that idea rather interesting.

It's all done now too so that's one less thing to worry about.


5:35 p.m. - 2007-05-22

How Violence Saved My Life

I didn't even know there were two of them hitting me in the head. All I saw were the flashes of light.

Camera flashes.

One to the nose.


One to the eye.

Then it stopped and I sat there on the couch. I felt nothing of the tension in the room. The ones who had to watch the beating wondered if they were going to kill me. It would make their gang look hardcore to kill someone. Some of the ones who watched had known me since grade school.

I hadn't met one of the guys who beat me up until that night. I don't even know what his name is to this day. I could have passed him on the street today and not known his face.

Someone brought me a cold soda can and told me to put it on my eye. I started to feel the tension of the room. I heard a voice ask me to leave.

I walked out of the apartment and into the night.

I was 19 years old. I hung out with gangsters because I liked to drink and smoke but couldn't afford to get the stuff myself. I wasn't beat into the gang, I was beat for being a mooch. Of course I didn't have a car either so I had to walk.

I had trouble getting out of the apartment complex. I had actually tried to leave earlier in the night but had trouble that time too so I went back. There was no going back this time. I finally made it out and ended up on a well lit street. That helped since one of my eyes was swollen shut.

At that time in my life, when I wasn't hanging out with gangsters, I was also coaching basketball at the YMCA. I actually walked about two miles to one of my player's mom's house. I knew the house was close because the player needed a ride to practice a few times. It was late and I was haggard but I was able to get a ride to my parents' house. Even though I didn't have a car, I did live with a couple of roommates elsewhere in the city.

I just wanted to go home.


4:54 p.m. - 2007-05-18
Insert Title Here
The Pistons V The Cavs

There's a title inserted. Everything seems to be in order so far. I have to get into the part of Blinverted that I don't like right now and give due credit. The Spurs came into Game 5 as the hated team in America and they won the game with class in a hostile environment. They closed out the Suns in Game 6 and that is what will always be remembered.

The Spurs in 6 on their way to their fourth title in eight years since the NBA Finals were in the second round of the playoffs this season. The Spurs coach Gregg Poppovich is one of the greatest coaches of this era, which puts him on a list with Phil Jackson, Pat Riley and Larry Brown. Other than Tim Duncan and David Robinson, Pop has not coached any Hall of Famers yet he keeps on winning.

Oh yeah, the inserted title, the Pistons and the Cavs have come to the end of their collision course. Everyone is saying that the Cavs are a player or two short.

I believe in LeBron.

On the Jim Rome Show on Friday, he was talking about a trip he took to America's Funniest Home Videos. He was a guest because his son loves the show and wanted to go. One of the clones busted him on the radio, asking him what he was doing there. Rome hoped to get away with it but he's a good man. His son had a great day so the pimp in the box had a great day on the AFHV.

That story gave me strength to share this one:

I am a Hannah Montana fan. I could blame my wife for watching it first but what does it really mean? I still watch, laugh and hope that Mylie's secret is never discovered. Not only did Rome inspire me to narc on myself, I saw Larry David curbing his enthusiasm on a recent show. So that means that me and Larry both like Hannah Montana.

I had a weird thing with Charles Napier recently. I was looking for a photo of Duke Phillips (who Napier voiced for The Critic) and found out a lot about life in looking for that pic.

Here's something about Roger Ebert that seemed fun:

Beyond the Valley of the Dolls
Actors: John La Zar, Marcia McBroom, Cynthia Myers, Dolly Read, Michael Blodgett
Synopsis: After nearly a decade as one of America's most successful independent filmmakers, legendary sexploitation auteur Russ Meyer first reached out for the brass ring of major studio success with this frantic cult favorite, written by screenwriter Roger Ebert.

The good news for Ebert is that he is going to make a full recovery from his recent illness.

Get well soon, Roger.


11:06 a.m. - 2007-05-07
Generation X
I recently made a movie short about Generation X. In thirteen minutes I was able to accomplish showing a small glimpse of a broad subject. I want to take this time now to talk about my generation.

This is are generation malaise:

"I am going to be rich tomorrow so what I do today doesn't matter".

There is so much money in this world today. Everyone deserves there piece of the pie, which is always a day away. So all the drinking, druging, fucking, disrespecting, yelling, lying, cheating, apologizing, whining, and bitching that we do today is merely a prelude to the lottery ticket win of tomorrow.

The term (lottery) can actually mean lottery or it can be a lawsuit or it can be idenity theft or it can be taping underage girls taking off their clothes, but it can not be the result of hard work because that goes aginst the Generation X maliase.

This is the Generation X mantra:

"Since today does not matter because I will be rich tomorrow, I don't have to care about anything."

Mantra's are not suppose to be negative, yet we live ours each day and as we watch tomorrow come without (the lottery) are not caring turns to anger.

How did this all happen?

Was it interactivity? The letter X is two defined lines that cross in the center. An interactivity is suppose to bring us closer together. Lines have been blurred, however, as machines have been brought closer together but not human beings. For example, some of the people on my e-mail list, I have not spoken to in months. Our computers keep us together without any human contact.

Was it the pills? The baby boomers are not to be blame for taking advantage of medicine that could help their children. So we have taken blame out of the equation and we can talk about the problem. Pills are the lottery of good health. We can fix any matory by finding the right pill. With such an amazing tool at your disposl we can treat our bodies any way we want today and pop the curing pill tomorrow.

I think it is the pornography. It is a billion dollar industry that has produce alot of "lottery winners". For example (I hate to admit it but I did do some research) is an example of a well organize porn circuit. I assume it is run by men and the beatiful women are treated like dogs.

I believe in God as the creater and I go to and I see us walking further away from God. How did we let the intimate act that perpetrates life become a deprive lottery?

Because we keep buying it. Just like war is profitable, just like selling your children (babies). With all the money in this world today why is destruction so profitable?

Could help be on the way? We are on the cusp of possible having Hillary Clinton leading our country. Hillary Clinton is a polarizing figure because of her attributes of her integellance, work ethic, pride both in herself and her country. She would be the first leader this country since 2000.

Generation X is the bridge between the baby boomers and Generation Y. We could have the first Generation X President in America as early as 9 years from today. Every Generation is the most important Generation in the world. The world is hurting and once we get past the fault and blame then we can begin to look for the postives. I just hope that Generation X does not make things worst, and I quietly dream we can make things better. I wish it was easy as outlawing porn and ending war. But that is not so. The money those industries bring in make them two forces that might always plage our world. With as many plagues that are from the divine, it seems we should work to heal the man-made ones.

And you might not believe this because it does pain me to write this but it might take the delicate touch of a woman to change the course of our future.

What is Generation X about?

It is about to be our world. I would love any and all thoughts on Generation X:



11:20 a.m. - 2007-04-29
A Moment that could only Happen in Blinverted
I thought I had something blinverted for a moment but the computer won. This is so funny. I was gonna talk about part I in part II then put some new stuff into part I but now I'll just put the new stuff into part II.

I'm not kidding, I thought I had gotten one over on old AI but I was wrong. I saw that part I had the entry called Quick Hitter listed twice in the Older Entries listing. I was gonna delete one until I had this lightning bolt of an idea:

Update one of them thusly having two different entries with the same outline. It was the fastest retread ever. I was so smart, I fought technology and I won.


The computer updated them both. So I'm writing new stuff. To get a little more into my boring life, I have to switch users now so I can get the stuff I have for Blinverted.

It's all so blinverted.

I'm back now, and have three windows open to the web. This one here is where I'm writing this crap. The next one has an MSNBC article on how China is gonna make it rain before the Olympics to ensure good weather for the world's showcase of athletics. Let me go read some of it real quick.

China has been tinkering with cloud seeding for years and they think they have figured out how to make it rain. Let me go and see what cloud seeding is. I am assuming I cannot plant these cloud seeds into my backyard and grow a cloud tree but who knows with these whacky Chinese meteorologists.

A guy named Wang said... Sorry, I forgot what he said but I sure remember his name.

That was a guy named Wang, there's a girl named Wang too. It was too much for my immature ass. Here's some stuff I ripped off from the hilarious article:

'The forced rain could also help clean Beijing's polluted air, said Wang Jianjie, another meteorologist with the bureau.

"When conditions permit, we will artificially increase rainfall," she (see)(a chick named Wang) said. "Rainfall is a way to naturally clean the air."

In 2003, the U.S. National Academy of Sciences questioned the science behind cloud-seeding as "too weak." But China frequently uses artificial rainmaking in the drought-plagued north.'

I was gonna talk about something else but with of the artifical rain and Wang's I really lost focus.

Man, I hope it get it back. I still haven't trained a Blinverted understudy. A Blinverted understudy...

You know what that is, right?


I saw that coming from a mile away.


9:43 a.m. - 2007-04-25
The Secret Lives of Editors
Of all the people involved in making a movie, an editor can really save you. My editor, Micah J. Shaw, has been amazing as we made a nice movie short from the footage we shot over a weekend. The best part about this process has been that I did not have to go back and do anything in post.

We pulled the movie I wanted from what we already had. After the focus group I did demolished the beginning of the movie, there was discussion of re-shooting it.

It was the only scene of the movie that I did not direct so I was not able to re-shoot it since it would have been the first time I was shotting it at all. It was the last scene we shot. One of the guys that was supposed to act in it couldn't make it. I jumped all over the chance to just be an actor.

It was a mistake, one of many, that I made. I put my faith into a couple of guys with a lot more experience than me. I like the beginning, now, after Micah and I have tweaked and re-tweaked it seven times.

Hell, I liked it when everyone else said that it sucked. I think I have to.

To celebrate the success of Jen X, Micah and I went to the grand opening of In-N-Out Burger here in Tucson. We made it right in time because they had to turn cars away so they could close up on time.

We waited for forty-five minutes in line and I must admit, it was a lot of fun.

I was able to see the secret life of an editor. Let me tell all of you single guys out there that Micah has a pimp life. He was getting a text booty call from a lesbian who wanted him to donate...

We came to the conclusion that she was looking for him to donate his time, kinda like a big brother, when the kid popped out.

While he was figuring out how to donate his time (and energy)(I just couldn't resist) his old friend, he was also talking to his girl-friend.

Plus, he was getting a burger.

I hope that by revealing the secret life of an editor I haven't changed some cosmic scale.

You know, if I wanted to see some cosmic scale change I could get Micah to render it out for me.

It's no secret that he's that good.


11:45 a.m. - 2007-04-21
The NBA Playoffs 2007
Toronto traded Vince Carter to the Nets when they saw that Chris Bosh was younger, taller and more talented than Carter. I was looking forward to finally seeing him play this morning.

He got two quick fouls and had to sit for most to the first half. The Raptors played a lot better with him in the game. They trail at halftime.

I plan on keeping tabs today as the quadruple header begins.

I'll take 'How to waste a Saturday' for a thousand, Alex. One thing I won't be doing is taking my thug dog for a walk. I did so last year to breakup the tedium of four NBA basketball playoff games and it was like I as in Las Vegas for NBA All Star Weekend. My dog sees another dog, goes nuts and to date, my shoulder still has junk in it from the physical assault that ensued, NBA style, from the owner of the other dog while my dog was attacking his dog.

It was crazy.

Game 1 is in the books. The Toronto fans booed Vince Carter in his return to Canada but it didn't stop the Nets from stealing game 1. You work all season to make the playoffs for the first time since 2002. You work hard for home court advantage by winning your division then lose it in the first game of the playoffs.

Oh well, the Bulls and the Heat are up now.

I also watched a little of the NHL playoffs. The biggest surprise was that I was watching sports on NBC. Chris Chelios is 45 years old and he scored a goal in an NHL playoff game for the Detroit Red Wings.

Shaq fouled out and the Heat still almost caught the Bulls. Chicago held on to go up 1-0 in their first round playoff series.

We are halfway there. The Magic plays the Pistons next in a battle of a non-plural mascot against a plural mascot.

Go non-plurals!

The Pistons won. It was a good day in Detroit. The Red Wings and the Tigers also won. I would mention that the MISL franchise in Detroit lost today but then I would be talking about soccer.


11:08 a.m. - 2007-04-18
Idiocracy by Mike Judge
Mike Judge is amazing for the lengths he will go to make fun of people who might actually be his audience. Teens liked Beavis and Butt-head even though it was love with theback of Mike Judge's hand.

I do hear there are some Texans who don't find king of the Hill an endearing tribute to life in the Lone Star State. Office Space was pitch perfect. Its biggest key was a smart leading man. He was lazy but there really aren't too many motivated cubicle workers it seems. And in one of the jokes of the movie, Ron Livingston even said if he wasn't such a pussy he would have a better job.

I just took pussy to mean lazy. Michael Bolton did not see himself as a pussy even though he worked at Initech. I just wanted to make sure I said that before I moved on.

Now with Idiocracy, Mike Judge has made stupidity a talking point. This movie was supposed to come out a couple of years ago but I could see why it was hel